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Health Coaching by Health World

The new health Concept by Health World®

Treating the root causes, not the symptoms 

"Time will show that after land, work, capital and information, the fifth production factor for companies is the health of the employees." Quote André Grashorn

Corporate Health Management

"Time will show that after land, work, capital and information, the fifth production factor for companies is the health of the employees. In accordance with the WHO the term "health" includes not only the physical health, but also the mental and social well-being of an individual. Only healthy people are efficient people. And only if corporate activities consider and promote the health of employees, the long-lasting business success and a healthy company at all levels is created and ensured." Quote of Mr. André Grashorn, Head Coach of Health World Institute

As consequence of your company's new promotion of its employees' health, the efficiency - and therefore the turnover and profit - of your company will significantly increase, as the employee is for the first time offered an exclusive and comprehensive health service by the company which the conventional health system is not able to offer.

Investment in the health of your employees pays off three to five-fold!

Health Coaching/Investment in the health of your employees pays off three to five-fold!
In case of illness or for preventive reasons, the employee makes use of the "Health Coachings by Health World®", which have been specifically developed for the needs of employees with chronic, stress-induced, psychosomatic and mental illnesses for which all therapy options have been exhausted. This saves you as company considerable costs as a result of absenteeism and poor performance. According to studies, every investment in your employees' health pays off three to five-fold; findings of studies which have not yet taken into account the new health concept of Health World - in our experience the potential is much greater in reality.

Companies have to prepare themselves for the fact that stress-induced, psychosomatic and chronic illnesses will either increase dramatically or have already increased due to the increasingly complex environment and significantly intensified requirements to be met by the employees. Nearly two in four employees is chronically ill, even if they come to work as if they were healthy. Pain is repressed or accepted, numbed with pills or alcohol, but rarely cured with the appropriate targeted therapies. Frequent headaches are just the beginning and lead, for example, to chronic back pain or permanent tension so that the employees' work performanceis restricted without being noticed by their bosses.


40 % of your employees are chronically ill and find no help in the health system

40 % of your employees are chronically ill and find no help in the health system!

The stresses and strains of everyday business life and the lack of qualified health care for the employees often mean that illnesses are not treated in an optimum manner. On the one hand, there is only the very one-sided treatment of symptoms, so that illnesses cannot be permanently cured or become chronic. On the other hand, employees are left alone with their illness and recovery process, so that important information about the illness and treatment options, knowledge of the best doctors and therapists as well as Health Coaching, which brings to light and resolves the cause of the conditions, is not provided. If top employees are ill for a longer period of time or if their health is more or less restricted, this always is a very costly and difficult situation for a company since these employees cannot easily be replaced.

Lost work performance and innovation due to visible and "invisible" chronically ill employees increasingly turn to be a cost factor for your company. They can easily reduce your turnover within the double-digit range without ever becoming visible as a cause to the managers and executives of your company. Revenue losses result from the loss of innovation and communication among the company's employees, even if competitors or the markets are identified as external causes. As the employees' insufficient health increasingly ranks among the decisive factors for this loss of performance, the company must take care of it. 


An exclusive health service for your employees to restore and maintain their health

Modern companies with an innovative health management system which want to retain their highly qualified staff or find outstanding new employees offer these employees an exclusive health service which the normal health system - with its doctors' surgeries and therapists that often work in isolation - cannot provide.

Health World offers you as a company and your sick employees - particularly those who are chronically ill and for whom all therapy options have been exhausted - an exclusive health service as part of your corporate health management system.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), health is defined not only as physical health, but also as the mental and social well-being of the individual or employees. In view of the current health situation, the employees' health will therefore become a further important point for companies and is - in addition to work, land, capital and information, - an decisive factor for the success of the company. A modern company health management system takes into account these developments and offers "Health Coachings by Health World®" to its employees as an exclusive health service to restore and permanently maintain their health and performance and thus make the investment in human resources highly profitable.