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Health Coaching by Health World

Health Employee Assistance Program - HEAP by Health World®

Healthy Employees as a new Success Factor for Business

In view of the drastic increase in chronic, mental and stress-induced illnesses among employees, company health management is becoming more and more a key factor in the success of companies.

Health Employee Assistance Program - Healthy Employees as a new Success Factor for Businesses

According to a recent representative Forsa survey commissioned by the "Techniker" health insurance company in Germany, 25% of the workforce are undergoing medical treatment for a chronic illness, with the result that their performance is moderately to severely restricted (according to our estimates, approximately an additional 15% of employees are chronically ill and have already resigned themselves to not looking for further help) - in case of non-workers, 40% are chronically ill. In addition to the small rise in sick days, the increase in absenteeism due to time spent visiting the doctor and the "officially" ill employees, it is in particular the limited performance of "unrecognised" chronically ill employees at work (presenteeism) which represents an increasing cost factor for companies that results in a at least double-digit loss in sales.

In view of the drastic increase in chronic, mental and stress-induced illnesses among employees, company health management is becoming more and more a key factor in the success of companies.

Healthy companies only exist with healthy employees

"Healthy companies only exist with healthy employees - but in the future, healthy employees will only exist if active investments are made in employees' health."

In the future, qualified employees will seek out companies that offer them an exclusive health service that goes far beyond conventional healthcare. Health World is the only company in Germany that provides companies with exclusive and comprehensive health services for their corporate health management. These include in particular "Health Coaching by Health World®" based on "Health Medicine - Treating the Causes by Health World®", which is specifically matched to the needs of employees with chronic, stress-induced, psychosomatic and mental illnesses for whom all therapy options have been exhausted. As a result of the Health Coaching sessions, the recovery process is considerably shortened, so that the occuring symptoms of 80% of such persons have significantly improved after only 5 Health Coaching sessions. Our strategy for success is the identification and resolution of the causes of illnesses instead of merely treating the symptoms.



"Psychosocial problems cost the economy €262 billion annually (HWWI - Hamburg Institute of International Economics)"

  • According to our estimates, the restricted performance of chronically ill employees costs the economy at least €500 billion annually.
  • 25% of the workforce are undergoing medical treatment for a chronic illness and are therefore moderately to severely restricted in their performance - 50% of non-workers the figure are already chronically ill.
  • According to a survey, 70% of German citizens prefer medicine which is gentle and free of side effects for the treatment of their illnesses
  • Due to increasing psychological stress and mental illnesses employees have to stay away from work for a longer period of time.
  • According to the latest survey results, 24% of company employees complain about worries and problems which restrict them in the performance of their work.
  • Mental disorders are increasing significantly.
  • According to the latest statistics (December 15, 2011) of the company health insurance fund (BKK), employees in Germany are being certified unfit for work with increasing frequency. A major role in this is played by mental illnesses, burnout and respiratory diseases. The number of days off sick due to mental illnesses rises in the first three quarters of the year by 13.4 percent. From 2004 to 2010 the number of days on which employees with burnout syndrome were certified unfit for work increased from 4.6 to 63.2 per 1,000 health insurance members.
  • Workplace absenteeism due to long waiting times at the doctor's surgery and the delay in dealing with health problems as a result of long waiting times for a doctor's appointment; these facts are particularly true for patients covered by the statutory health insurance: according to a recent report (December 26, 2011) in the newspapers of the WAZ Group in North Rhine-Westphalia, patients covered by the statutory health insurance have to wait about 23 days longer to see a specialist than those who are privately insured.
  • Accrual of significant costs as a result of presenteeism - more and more people are going to work when they are sick.
  • As a rule, executives are not trained to deal with mentally stressed and chronically ill employees who stand out from the rest, but are nevertheless increasingly confronted by them.
  • More and more companies are recognising the value of health management and the health promotion of their employees with faster and more effective help - e.g. through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).


Fundamental Benefit of EAP Measures (Employee Assistance Program - EAP)

The principle is simple and originates from the USA: the EAP is an external advisory service for executives and employees offered by the employer. Companies pay an all-inclusive membership fee so that every employee can take advantage of the employee advisory service for professional and private problems: a preventive, efficient and professional service. The goal is to promote the stability, health and productivity of the employees by solving professional, private and health problems. The EAP distinguishes itself with individual coaching sessions with qualified specialist advisers.

Representative studies from Germany and the Anglo-Saxon countries on the EAP show:

  • 74% of employees report on positive effects from the external coaching
  • Companies with an EAP record an average of 2.6 sick days per year/employee less than companies without an EAP
  • EAP results in employees taking greater advantage of existing company health or assistance offers, e.g. corporate health management or support from works councils and staff councils
  • More and more companies actively use the EAP to improve their internal and external image. The employees' absence increases, while turnover decreases.
  • By means of a reporting system, companies - which are our clients - regularly receive an "external view" of their business and can react in a targeted manner
  • 85% of the 500 US companies with the highest turnover offer an EAP.


"Health Employee Assistance Program by Health World®" - The benefit for your company

With its Health Coaching sessions, Health World is the first company to offer you a highly effective Health Employee Assistance Program (HEAP) for your corporate health management for all physical and mental diseases as personal and professional  problems and conflicts of employees  - the whole range of human problems. "HEAP by Health World®" is an external health service for executives and employees that is offered by the employer.

  • Reduction in sickness absenteeism thanks to "Health Coachings by Health World®"; restoration of the employees' health and productivity, particularly in case of mental, stress-induced, psychosomatic and chronic diseases for which all therapy options have been exhausted. "Health Coaching by Health World®" prevents delays in dealing with problems which later result in serious illnesses or absenteeism.
  • Unsufficient/restricted work performance due to addictions, crises and mental stress is reduced.
  • Improvement in the skills of executives with respect to dealing with sick employees
  • Cost reduction as consequence of "presenteeism" (sick employees who go to work)
  • Employees' presence - in particular highly qualified executives and managers due to the exclusive health services offered
  • Optimal and comprehensive care for sick managers during the entire treatment process
  • Reduction in absenteeism due to sickness by restoring the employees' health and productivity, particularly in case of chronic, stress-induced, psychosomatic and untreatable diseases
  • Reduction in sickness costs due to implementation of a comprehensive new company health management system
  • Cost savings or revenue increases up to the double-digit range