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Field reports: Addiction, alcohol, drugs

Selbst bei langjähriger Alkoholsucht/Süchten lassen sich durch die Health Coachings die Ursachen der Sucht klar und eindeutig erkennen und gemeinsam mit dem Health Coach effektiv mental auflösen.

  • Statement


    Bettina, Alternative Practitioner

    "I was fascinated to realize during a Health Coach session that my client, assisted by me as his Health Coach  , was able to recognize and resolve the situations in his life which had caused his illness and problems. I am pleased to apply the Health Coaching method which can be used without any instruments, devices or particular surroundings at almost any time. Nothing but the client himself is needed for this method application! Thanks!“

  • Alcoholism


    Britta, Alternative Practitioner

    My client is in her mid-forties and an alcoholic: a Health Coaching was held once a week to accompany the alcohol detoxification. The client was for the first time able to address the causes of her alcohol consumption and her addictive behaviour on the whole through the coaching, including in her relationship to her partner. The sessions thus brought her an increasing understanding of her body's signals, such as palpitations, acute headaches, angst symptoms, etc. and helped her to interpret these. After 3 sessions she was happy to report that she felt much more balanced and had a lot more energy since having learned that she can make a positive change to her life. She has done without alcohol for the past 2 weeks, carried out relaxation exercises on a regular basis and is steadfastly pressing ahead with the recommended flanking measures.