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Field reports: Back Pains

  • Chronic back pains

    Dr. Peter S., Specialist in General Practice; Specialist in Surgery; Pain Therapy

    Many of my patients, and several relatives, have been suffering from back pains for many years and have already consulted a number of orthopaedic specialists and pain therapists without success. The inner cause of the pains in the thorax and lumbar spine could be found and resolved during only a few sessions. What a number of therapists were unable to achieve up to now could be permanently healed with "Health Coaching"

  • Tension neck

    Tension neck

    Cornelia, Heilpraktikerin

    “The manner of the Health Coaching method was very appealing to me. Already after the first Health Coaching session my tensed jaw muscles had relaxed and the pain in my cervical spine had subsided. I felt considerably lighter and freer - furthermore, I could think more clearly. 
    I am convinced of being able to help numerous patients respectively clients by applying this method.

  • Back pain

    Back pain

    Katja, Alternative Practitioner

    A female client who suffered from pain in the lower back for a short time had not undergone any additional medical treatment except the Health Coaching to get rid of this back pain. After only one Health Coaching session the back pain had significantly subsided, but still occurred in the night when the client turned around. According to the client the back pain completely disappeared after the second Health Coaching session.

  • Stress pattern gone forever

    Stress pattern gone forever

    Oliver, Alternative Practitioner

    "Health Coaching helped me a lot to relieve stress and cope with my everyday life in a more relaxed and harmonious manner. After two Health Coaching sessions I was able to handle situations at work, which had driven me crazy before, in a more serene and matter-of-fact manner. Let’s compare it with a dam break from the emotional aspect. Dammed water was released without further water being dammed afterwards once more.“

    Thanks to this new, smooth working day I no longer suffer from a tense neck area in the evening and have a good night’s sleep.“

  • Back pains / Food intolerance

    Back pains / Food intolerance

    Margret, Alternative Practitioner

    The clients in my practice are amazed by Health Coaching. For example, they reported one week later that they pay more attention to themselves and how they treat people in their surroundings. My clients noticed a great improvement in their complaints such as back pains and intolerances to foods.

  • Knee pains

    Uta, Alternative Practitioner

    A client complained of knee pains that she had been suffering for the past two years. These appeared two years after moving home and up to now she has been unable to make either rhyme or reason of them. After the first Health Coaching the discomfort was much less, but still returned in certain situations. After two further Health Coaching sessions the client felt better again and the troubles have disappeared.