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Field reports: Headaches

According to recent studies, headaches and back pain are some of the most common health problems. It was found that approximately 4 - 5% of the German population suffer from daily - and about 70% from episodic or chronic, i.e. recurrent - headaches.

In general, a distinction is made in the context of headache disorders between the so-called "primary" and "secondary" headaches. While in the "primary" headaches the pain is itself the disease, the "secondary" headache is an accompanying symptom of another disease.

Over 90% of headache disorders fall under the two so-called "primary" forms of headache, namely tension headaches and migraines, which can occur in combination.

From the traditional medicine point of view, the most common cause of tension headaches is suspected to be stress, which results in unphysiological tension in the neck, which in turn triggers the headache. However, their exact cause is still unknown and cannot therefore always be eliminated.

During the "Health Coaching" sessions internal stress factors, which are mostly unconscious, are uncovered and resolved mentally, so that clients can themselves identify why they have become ill.

  • 13 years of cluster headaches

    13 years of cluster headaches

    Dr. Frank K., General Practitioner

    I had been suffering form severe cluster headaches for 13 years that had been triggered by a high stress load during work at a hospital. I have suffered no headache attack since the 1st Health Coaching. After my flight to attend the seminar I even had to rest for two hours in my hotel because of my headache. A fantastic method! Thank you.

  • Frontal headache

    Frontal headache

    Gisela, Alternative Practitioner

    Physically, a lot happened in the 2nd health coaching session as well. At the beginning I had severe frontal headaches, which completely disappeared half an hour AFTER the coaching session and which have not reoccurred ever since.... I also found it very exciting to recognize how my negative beliefs, which are otherwise unconscious on my part, influence my feelings, reactions and decisions. Thanks to the awareness gained and the resolving during the health coaching sessions, I am no longer defenseless against them.

  • Stress, hospital trauma, headaches

    Stress, hospital trauma, headaches

    Corinna, Alternative Practioner

    A colleague who I coached in the seminar told me the following day that her problems, such as stress, hospital trauma and headaches had disappeared and that she felt exceptionally good.

  • Feeling easy and full of power

    Feeling easy and full of power

    Gisela, Alternative Practitioner

    “To my surprise I could rapidly and deeply get to my inner problems including all related emotions during the Health Coaching. Moreover, I am astonished to learn during the Health Coaching sessions that my negative feelings and memories seem to be stored in various parts of my body and here and now cause physical problems. I am totally thrilled and impressed since I experienced during the session that my physical discomfort including headache and abdominal pain disappeared. Afterwards I felt as light, in high spirits and full of energy as I had not felt for long.“

  • Depression/Migraine


    Katja, Alternative Practitioner

    My client, 43 years, came to the surgery and was dissatisfied and depressed. She was constantly fighting with her husband and taking out her anger on her children. She felt very restricted in her life and thought that she had no freedom left for herself. She actually wanted to return to Iran, her country of origin, as fast as possible and separate from her husband. In the course of the five coaching sessions a lot of things changed.

    After an influenza-type of cleansing reaction after the fourth session, there was a break-through. The patient was suddenly physically and mentally very well. She had much more energy. The depressive mood is over, the client lost some weight and has decided to take some freedom for herself independently of her husband and this does her a lot of good.

    She wants to start her own business, but does not want to be put under pressure by the job until January. In this, she now trusts her inner voice. She may still return to her home country Iran, but she realizes that it is OK in Germany and that she does not want to return to Iran as part of a hasty decision.

    There has been a considerable change in the relationship with her husband. Whereas there was only fighting in the marriage in the past years, affection and respect are now present again. The client now longs to embrace her husband again. During the holidays in fall she will travel to Iran to attend a wedding without her husband or her children. Quite unexpectedly, her husband is supporting her in her plans and even suggesting she should take a longer vacation. This had so far never happened before. Moreover, her migraine has disappeared since the last health coaching.