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Field reports: High blood pressure

The most widespread chronic conditions in Western countries are heart and circulatory diseases. According to recent studies, in these countries heart and circulatory diseases alone account for 45% of total mortality. They are therefore among the leading causes of death.

  • Blood pressure

    Blood pressure

    Ingrid, Alternative Practitioner

    "A bit later my husband prepared for a routine and regular tax inspection carried out by a tax officer. All of a sudden he stood in front of my bed in the middle of the night, suffering from a blood pressure of 220:116. My kinesiologic test revealed that a treatment by Health Coaching would be suitable for him. He fell asleep again already during the treatment and his blood pressure was back to normal. The tax officer was welcomed by relaxed and friendly persons."

  • High blood pressure

    High blood pressure

    Margret, Alternative Practitioner

    A female client, 23 years old, was taking beta-blockers for the past 2.5 years after an acute hypertensive crisis (BP 208/125). With the medication, her blood pressure is below 125/85; she is slender and participates in sports activities. After two health coaching sessions, the beta-blocker dosage was reduced by half, and her blood pressure remained stable. After the third "Health Coaching" session, the dosage was reduced to one quarter, and will be tapered off completely in the near future.