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Field reports: Migraine

Migraine is understood to be a one-sided, throbbing headache which is often accompanied by symptoms such as an aversion to light and noise, as well as nausea, visual symptoms and neurological seizures, e.g. visual disturbances, etc.

Current estimates suggest that in Germany a total of around 10 million people suffer from migraine. Even four percent of schoolchildren are affected by recurrent attacks of migraine, as are more than six percent of middle-aged men and twelve percent of middle-aged women. Due to the frequency of migraine attacks, migraine is considered to be a chronic disease.

Conventional medicine considers a key cause of migraine to be an imbalance in serotonin levels, as has been demonstrated in many migraine patients. But because of the affinity of migraine in affected families, genetic factors cannot be excluded either. Basically, however, the causes of migraine have not yet been conclusively determined. Possible triggers of migraine are, for example, certain foods, lack of sleep, stress and hormonal influences, etc.

  • Depression/Migraine


    Katja, Alternative Practitioner

    My client, 43 years, came to the surgery and was dissatisfied and depressed. She was constantly fighting with her husband and taking out her anger on her children. She felt very restricted in her life and thought that she had no freedom left for herself. She actually wanted to return to Iran, her country of origin, as fast as possible and separate from her husband. In the course of the five coaching sessions a lot of things changed.

    After an influenza-type of cleansing reaction after the fourth session, there was a break-through. The patient was suddenly physically and mentally very well. She had much more energy. The depressive mood is over, the client lost some weight and has decided to take some freedom for herself independently of her husband and this does her a lot of good.

    She wants to start her own business, but does not want to be put under pressure by the job until January. In this, she now trusts her inner voice. She may still return to her home country Iran, but she realizes that it is OK in Germany and that she does not want to return to Iran as part of a hasty decision.

    There has been a considerable change in the relationship with her husband. Whereas there was only fighting in the marriage in the past years, affection and respect are now present again. The client now longs to embrace her husband again. During the holidays in fall she will travel to Iran to attend a wedding without her husband or her children. Quite unexpectedly, her husband is supporting her in her plans and even suggesting she should take a longer vacation. This had so far never happened before. Moreover, her migraine has disappeared since the last health coaching.