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Field reports: Myasthenia Gravis

In cases of Myasthenia Gravis the causes can be recognized and completely resolved in the course of 10  "Health Coaching" sessions.

  • Myasthenia gravis - A personal report

    Madlen E. (33), Fremdsprachenkorrespondentin

    After difficult years with a separation and divorce, I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis in December 2010. The only treatment method available in traditional medicine for this chronic muscular weakness is surgical removal of the thymus gland and the regular administration of immunosuppressants. Based on a deep inner conviction, I refuse to undergo this treatment.

    I only took 3-4 Mestinon® (pyridostigmine bromide) tablets per day, and only as required.  In addition, I tried to control my symptoms using reiki, relaxation courses and regular meditation, but none of it really worked. Moreover, I had difficulties with speech (inability to speak clearly due to paralysis of the muscles), difficulty swallowing, drooping facial features (the right side of my face tended to droop, so that I always looked sad, and I didn’t dare to laugh any more, as my entire face then looked skewed). In stressful situations my fingers became stiff and I couldn’t lift my arms; my head often fell forward, as my neck muscles were too weak to hold it erect. I was able to sleep only with a mask to keep my eyes closed. Weakened in spirit and partially depressed, I isolated myself, stayed away from my friends and parties and forced myself to go to work, which was torture.

    The low point came in January 2013 with a myasthenic crisis, triggered by feverish angina and bronchitis. I ended up in the intensive care unit with respiratory paralysis. I was discharged after one week, with the urgent recommendation to undergo the aforementioned surgery and a daily Mestinon dose of 6 tablets. I knew I couldn’t go on this way, unable to deal with stress, depressed, on sick leave - but still the mother of two children.

    My mother made me aware of the “Health Coaching by Health World®”. Skeptical, but full of hope, we scheduled appointments to investigate the causes of my illness.

    I knew something was working deep inside. I was able to resolve many burdensome and subconscious issues and recognized point by point the causes and all of the connections from the past that made me ill. After only the second session I was able to sleep without a mask; my arms and legs felt lighter, and the heaviness disappeared.

    Impressed by the result, we scheduled further sessions. For the first time in years I finally felt like I had the symptoms under control. And in fact, the paralysis in my fingers is completely gone, I can move my arms without effort, my swallowing is better and I can keep my eyes closed by myself. I can even open a pickle jar again.

    After 6 sessions, we have managed to reduce my medication to 1.5 Mestinon tablets daily. My speech is considerably better and my colleagues at work have noticed that I can even laugh again. It’s so wonderful!