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Field reports: Neurodermatitis, Skin Disorders

  • Dermatitis /itching

    Dermatitis /itching

    Dr. Christel S., Specialist in Anaesthesiology and Pain Therapy

    Over the past six months I suffered  from more and more discomfort following a radiotherapy. The skin was inflamed and caused itching. After the first Health Coaching these problems disappeared as if by magic and have not reoccurred since then.

  • Neurodermatitis

    Uta, Alternative Practitioner

    A client has been suffering for 35 years from neurodermatitis that spreads in episodes, above all on her arms. She somehow felt better after the very 1st "Health Coaching". However, she was unable to describe precisely what was different, but the rashes were not as so pronounced. After the second "Health Coaching" the client felt very good. To this day, the rashes have disappeared completely. What's more, she returned home with some new perceptions about herself. During the "Health Coaching" it became clear to her that she had to change certain things in her life.