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Field reports: Toothache

In cases of Toothache/Chronic Toothache the causes can be recognized and completely resolved in the course of 1 - 5 "Health Coaching" sessions.

The term "stress-induced toothache" is used if the teeth hurt but no physical cause can be found, i.e. the teeth are not inflamed and there is no caries present. Similar to the psychosomatic diseases, the teeth hurt here without any physical cause.

However, the fact that stress has a negative impact on our immune system and can therefore cause inflammatory processes in the body has been demonstrated in recent studies. Once our immune system has been weakened in our mouth by stress, it is easier for inflammatory reactions to occur because the bacteria present in the mouth can multiply more readily. The consequence of this is, for example, mouth sores and inflamed gums, which in turn have a painful effect on our teeth and increase the susceptibility to caries.

Furthermore, stress-related tension in the muscles of the jaw or neck can cause toothache, although no pathological changes to the teeth are visible.

  • Tooth Root Inflammation, Experience Report

    Beate K.

    I was suffering from severe toothache. On Friday I went to the dentist. He found that the root of a molar was inflamed. At the root of the tooth, a pea-sized abscess had formed which caused pressure pain and painful throbbing. The dentist prescribed me an antibiotic and advised me to come back on Monday for an examination. If the abscess did not disappear as a result of the antibiotic, he advised me to undergo treatment of the tooth root in which the tooth would be prepared and treated, but the nerve would be destroyed. In the worst case, he said, he would have to extract the tooth.  - As I don't like taking antibiotics, I contacted the Health World Institute because I was worried about my molar and was looking for an alternative form of treatment. During a short "Health Coaching by phone" session, during which we went to the cause of the pain, the pain surprisingly disappeared. The abscess disappeared as well and my dentist was amazed when he saw it. I have kept my molar, which I am very glad about.