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Health Coaching by Health World

Health Consulting by Health World® - Sustainable Health for Companies & Employees

"The ethic success concept for companies®"

Increase your company’s success thanks to the highly innovative and sustainable “Ethic success concept by Health World®"

"Health Consulting by Health World®" - the ethic success concept for companies

We actually witness highly dominating ego-systems in economy and companies that gradually start to self-destruct. Due to their self-created ego-systems, ego-objectives and ego-behaviour, the consequential financial crisis and collective fraud, banks throughout the world and the German automotive industry – all of them being worldwide leaders in their branches – take the risk of going bankrupt respectively have already become insolvent. As consequence of the classical ego-objectives to become more successful and to yield higher profits, the ego-greed of companies has created destructive ego-systems and ego-cultures including ego-thought-, emotional- and behavioural patterns to an unknown extent. The companies even did not stop at e.g. a gigantic worldwide fraud regarding waste gas values in the entire German automotive industry. 

“The way is the goal. But if you don’t know the goal, you cannot find the proper way to it!“ (Quotation of head consultant Mr. Grashorn).

It is obvious that companies can no longer be successful as ego-companies including out-of-time ego-objectives (maximization of profit and turnover) and the consequential destructive exploitation of human beings and nature. Equivalent to persons who often believe that nothing but money brings happiness, companies think that their success is based exclusively on profit maximization, which, however, is a fatal error. Consequences of such ego-logic and ego-system of thoughts are unhappy human beings, insolvent companies and an exploited world in which poor and reach people are separated. The reality has clearly revealed that ego-systems are neither able to make companies sustainably healthy and successful nor are these systems capable to create worldwide prosperity and permanently healthy human beings and nature.

The "ethic-success concept by Health World®" – Identification and elimination of ego-systems – Implementation of ethic-success systems

The "Health Consulting by Health World®" has developed an ethic-success concept for companies to identify and eliminate destructive ego-systems in all company units/ departments. Using our ethic-success systems, the companies can, moreover, sustainably increase their success in all levels by replacing their outdated ego-systems with communicative, cooperative and creative ethic-success systems. For this purpose the company’s previous ego-objective “profit maximization“ is radically changed and new priorities are set.

According to the ethic-success concept the companies aim at achieving the following three fundamental company objectives:

  1. Ethic object – acting for the good of all human beings
  2. Qualitative object – developing the best products and services for the customer
  3. Quantitative object – maximization of profit and turnover

"Having follows being!" – “Replace purely quantitative and material objects by qualitative and ethic objects to achieve material objects“. (Quotation of head consultant Mr. Grashorn)

If the company pursues the ethic-success objective, it will develop the most reasonable, innovative, sustainable and best product for the customer, which consequently leads to maximal profit. The ethic objective activates the employees‘ positive energies which will enable them to develop these improved products in a more creative, communicative and cooperative manner in this positive ethic-success-value-system. The ego-objective „maximization of profit“, however, does not automatically lead to developing the optimal product – quite the contrary often happens. Greed for profit results in boring and non-appealing products, expensive product recalls, frauds and manipulations because the employees follow the company’s ego-objective and ego-culture and work with an ego that does not allow creative, communicative and cooperative team work. As a consequence the staff will not be able to find proper solutions for the respective problems.

Ego-objectives result in the staff’s ego-behaviour. Ethic-success objectives result in ethic-success behaviour – which energy is to be activated in the company’s employees?“

The Health Consulting has developed its innovative and highly effective “Consultation, Training and Coaching Concept by Health World®“ by transforming the „old“ company’s ego-objective into a sustainable and permanently successful company’s ethic-success strategy. This new concept allows changing a company’s ego-system including all thought-, emotional and behavioural patterns as well as the decision-making system into an ethic-success and action system which all employees can understand.

All company units/developments such as e.g. research & development, production, marketing, human resources, operational health management, management/board of directors etc. will now work in accordance with the company’s new ethic-success concept including the company’s objective and philosophy, the management and corporate principles and the company culture with its corporate thinking, feeling and behaviour.

During trainings and workshops the Health Consulting by Health World® is able to clearly explain and define the thought-, emotional- and behavioural patterns of an ego-system to all employees by referring to their company. In the next step of the change management a new ethic-success system will be jointly elaborated with the employees and followed by them. As a consequence, recurring ego-behaviour in the company culture will be immediately identified and admonished, while cooperative ethic-success behaviour will be promoted and supported. The Health Coaching will assist all employees, but in particular the executives, to become aware of and give up their own ego-behaviour so that they can serve as example of the new ethic-success company culture.    

Since the company’s ego-systems, the consequential ego-behaviour and wrong decisions are responsible for its failure, nothing but the transformation from the ego-system into an ethic-success system will ensure the company’s permanent success. Moreover, quite a lot of physical and mental diseases, interpersonal problems, lack of information/communication, mistakes as well as missing motivation and wellbeing of the staff originate from ego-systems in companies which do not promote the communication, cooperation, motivation, work satisfaction and creativity respectively the staff’s potentials and career development.

The above mentioned problems are also covered by the Health Consulting and its additional health-success concept “Root elimination instead of symptom treatment“ including its EAP (Employee-Assistance-Program) respectively Health EAP. With the help of the operational health management including health promotion and health prevention, the physical and mental health, the high performance and motivation of your employees will be restored highly effectively within short during the Health Coaching sessions offered by us. As soon as your employees will be healthy again, we will also promote their personal further development by identifying and eliminating blockages and personal issues in their lives which have so far prevented them from being successful in their job and living a happy work-balance life.

Our Scope of Services offered to Companies & Employees:

  • Re-orientation of companies by applying a sustainable and efficient ethic-success concept which ensures permanent company success
  • Change-Management – strategy-, organizational and process development – “Transformation from an ego-company to an ethic-success company!“
  • Actual state analysis: identification of company’s ego-systems and ego-behaviour/ego-mechanisms, elaboration and definition of new positive ethic-success objectives, -strategies and behaviour   
  • Implementation of the ethic-success concept via consultations, approaches, workshops, trainings and coaching
  • Implementation of a new company culture on the basis of the “Ethic-Success Concept by Health World®“
  • Operational health management - Health Coaching sessions in the operational health promotion with regard to physical, mental, psychosomatic, stress-induced diseases as well as all human and interpersonal problems and the personal/career development of employees
  • Exclusive health service for employees: we will accompany the entire recovery process of your employee
  • Operational implementation management – according to our health-success concept: “Root elimination instead of symptom treatment“ – sustainable health restoration of chronically ill employees or employees who have suffered from illness for a very long time!

Contact: Our head coach/head consultant Mr. Grashorn looks forward to receiving your questions via our coaching hotline 

0049 (0) 171 26 90 755

or by e-mail to We will be glad to be contacted by you.“