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Physische Beschwerden

Field reports

Physical complaints

"Health Coaching by Health World®" helps when nothing helps!

Reports about physical troubles

Reports of physicians, alternative practitioners, and clients.

  • 13 years of cluster headaches

    13 years of cluster headaches

    Dr. Frank K., General Practitioner

    I had been suffering form severe cluster headaches for 13 years that had been triggered by a high stress load during work at a hospital. I have suffered no headache attack since the 1st Health Coaching. After my flight to attend the seminar I even had to rest for two hours in my hotel because of my headache. A fantastic method! Thank you.

  • Health Coaching by phone "acute hearing loss"

    Health Coaching by phone "acute hearing loss"

    Dipl. med. Hjalmar B., Specialist in Orthopaedics, Pain Therapy

    My client, female, 40 years, called me in my office. She was worried and frustrated and asked me for help. Four days ago she was diagnosed with an acute hearing loss. Since my office is at a distance of 80 km to her home and since she was going on holidays with her family the next day, she wasn’t able to see me in my office. We therefore decided to do a “Health Coaching by phone” in the afternoon and made an appointment.

    During this Health Coaching she recognized an inner pressure as the cause of her problem. She knew this pressure from her childhood, when she always had to do a lot of work, which she couldn’t manage. She only could avoid this pressure, by getting rid of her work. – Having resolved the situation, she felt immediately better and relaxed. – After her holidays she called me and told me that her acute hearing loss had significantly improved immediately upon this Health Coaching; after only two days it had entirely disappeared.

  • Chronic back pains

    Dr. Peter S., Specialist in General Practice; Specialist in Surgery; Pain Therapy

    Many of my patients, and several relatives, have been suffering from back pains for many years and have already consulted a number of orthopaedic specialists and pain therapists without success. The inner cause of the pains in the thorax and lumbar spine could be found and resolved during only a few sessions. What a number of therapists were unable to achieve up to now could be permanently healed with "Health Coaching"

  • Blood pressure

    Blood pressure

    Ingrid, Alternative Practitioner

    "A bit later my husband prepared for a routine and regular tax inspection carried out by a tax officer. All of a sudden he stood in front of my bed in the middle of the night, suffering from a blood pressure of 220:116. My kinesiologic test revealed that a treatment by Health Coaching would be suitable for him. He fell asleep again already during the treatment and his blood pressure was back to normal. The tax officer was welcomed by relaxed and friendly persons."

  • Tension neck

    Tension neck

    Cornelia, Heilpraktikerin

    “The manner of the Health Coaching method was very appealing to me. Already after the first Health Coaching session my tensed jaw muscles had relaxed and the pain in my cervical spine had subsided. I felt considerably lighter and freer - furthermore, I could think more clearly. 
    I am convinced of being able to help numerous patients respectively clients by applying this method.

  • Frontal headache

    Frontal headache

    Gisela, Alternative Practitioner

    Physically, a lot happened in the 2nd health coaching session as well. At the beginning I had severe frontal headaches, which completely disappeared half an hour AFTER the coaching session and which have not reoccurred ever since.... I also found it very exciting to recognize how my negative beliefs, which are otherwise unconscious on my part, influence my feelings, reactions and decisions. Thanks to the awareness gained and the resolving during the health coaching sessions, I am no longer defenseless against them.

  • Back pain

    Back pain

    Katja, Alternative Practitioner

    A female client who suffered from pain in the lower back for a short time had not undergone any additional medical treatment except the Health Coaching to get rid of this back pain. After only one Health Coaching session the back pain had significantly subsided, but still occurred in the night when the client turned around. According to the client the back pain completely disappeared after the second Health Coaching session.

  • Stress, hospital trauma, headaches

    Stress, hospital trauma, headaches

    Corinna, Alternative Practioner

    A colleague who I coached in the seminar told me the following day that her problems, such as stress, hospital trauma and headaches had disappeared and that she felt exceptionally good.

  • Dermatitis /itching

    Dermatitis /itching

    Dr. Christel S., Specialist in Anaesthesiology and Pain Therapy

    Over the past six months I suffered  from more and more discomfort following a radiotherapy. The skin was inflamed and caused itching. After the first Health Coaching these problems disappeared as if by magic and have not reoccurred since then.

  • Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus erythematosus

    Regina, Specialist in General Practice

    For 15 years a female client, 33 years old, had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis particularly in her hands and fingers which she could move only with severe pain. Due to her illness and the resulting restricted capacity to work, she was bullied at work and frequently absent. She was able to practice her profession, which she greatly loved, only to a very limited degree. The overall situation left her desperate and depressed.

    Up to that point, the rheumatoid arthritis had been treated only with traditional strong medications; she had major problems with their side effects. The attending rheumatologists advised against discontinuing the medications. Initially, under medical supervision, the medications such as methotrexate were discontinued and cortisone was reduced to the minimum necessary dosage. The client also received vitamin D and vitamin B12 injections. The result was that the client was neither weakened by the side effects of the medication nor susceptible to infections any longer.

    The very first "Health Coaching" session resulted in considerably relaxation and improved mobility in the client’s fingers, which initially lasted for 2 days. After the 2nd health coaching session, her finger mobility increased significantly so that the client was able to play badminton again after the 3rd health coaching session and the medications were discontinued completely.

    Overall, the client’s psychological state has improved significantly, she has a positive basic attitude towards herself and life in general.

  • Stress pattern gone forever

    Stress pattern gone forever

    Oliver, Alternative Practitioner

    "Health Coaching helped me a lot to relieve stress and cope with my everyday life in a more relaxed and harmonious manner. After two Health Coaching sessions I was able to handle situations at work, which had driven me crazy before, in a more serene and matter-of-fact manner. Let’s compare it with a dam break from the emotional aspect. Dammed water was released without further water being dammed afterwards once more.“

    Thanks to this new, smooth working day I no longer suffer from a tense neck area in the evening and have a good night’s sleep.“

  • Feeling easy and full of power

    Feeling easy and full of power

    Gisela, Alternative Practitioner

    “To my surprise I could rapidly and deeply get to my inner problems including all related emotions during the Health Coaching. Moreover, I am astonished to learn during the Health Coaching sessions that my negative feelings and memories seem to be stored in various parts of my body and here and now cause physical problems. I am totally thrilled and impressed since I experienced during the session that my physical discomfort including headache and abdominal pain disappeared. Afterwards I felt as light, in high spirits and full of energy as I had not felt for long.“

  • Experience report „Acute Hearing loss“

    Experience report „Acute Hearing loss“

    Anne B. (49), Freelancer

    Four days ago I was diagnosed with an acute hearing loss. My Ear Nose and Throat Specialist prescriped me Ginko and Cortison. But I didn’t want to take the Cortison, cause of the strong sideeffects. So I called my general practitioner and asked him for help.

    Cause his office is 80 km far from my  home and I was going to go on holidays with my family the next day, I wasn’t able to come. So we decided to make a “Health Coaching by phone” in the afternoon and made an appointment. I was really surprised. That I haven’t experienced before. During the Health Coaching I started to relax, and I felt very comfortable with it.

    When I was on my flight to Spain the next day, I felt a deep relaxation and during the next two days my problems were gone totally and I could hear like I did my whole life before the acute hearing loss. I was so happy and felt like a new person.

    After my holidays I visited my Ear Nose Throat Specialist for another hearing test. And she told me that I can  hear 100%. And though I have the most stressful time in my life with my job, I didn’t get any problems again.

    I find it quite amazing, that it was possible with only one session by phone and with a very simple method to heal my suffering. – I am totally excited  and want to thank you for your help

  • Tooth Root Inflammation, Experience Report

    Beate K.

    I was suffering from severe toothache. On Friday I went to the dentist. He found that the root of a molar was inflamed. At the root of the tooth, a pea-sized abscess had formed which caused pressure pain and painful throbbing. The dentist prescribed me an antibiotic and advised me to come back on Monday for an examination. If the abscess did not disappear as a result of the antibiotic, he advised me to undergo treatment of the tooth root in which the tooth would be prepared and treated, but the nerve would be destroyed. In the worst case, he said, he would have to extract the tooth.  - As I don't like taking antibiotics, I contacted the Health World Institute because I was worried about my molar and was looking for an alternative form of treatment. During a short "Health Coaching by phone" session, during which we went to the cause of the pain, the pain surprisingly disappeared. The abscess disappeared as well and my dentist was amazed when he saw it. I have kept my molar, which I am very glad about.

  • Depression/Migraine


    Katja, Alternative Practitioner

    My client, 43 years, came to the surgery and was dissatisfied and depressed. She was constantly fighting with her husband and taking out her anger on her children. She felt very restricted in her life and thought that she had no freedom left for herself. She actually wanted to return to Iran, her country of origin, as fast as possible and separate from her husband. In the course of the five coaching sessions a lot of things changed.

    After an influenza-type of cleansing reaction after the fourth session, there was a break-through. The patient was suddenly physically and mentally very well. She had much more energy. The depressive mood is over, the client lost some weight and has decided to take some freedom for herself independently of her husband and this does her a lot of good.

    She wants to start her own business, but does not want to be put under pressure by the job until January. In this, she now trusts her inner voice. She may still return to her home country Iran, but she realizes that it is OK in Germany and that she does not want to return to Iran as part of a hasty decision.

    There has been a considerable change in the relationship with her husband. Whereas there was only fighting in the marriage in the past years, affection and respect are now present again. The client now longs to embrace her husband again. During the holidays in fall she will travel to Iran to attend a wedding without her husband or her children. Quite unexpectedly, her husband is supporting her in her plans and even suggesting she should take a longer vacation. This had so far never happened before. Moreover, her migraine has disappeared since the last health coaching.

  • High blood pressure

    High blood pressure

    Margret, Alternative Practitioner

    A female client, 23 years old, was taking beta-blockers for the past 2.5 years after an acute hypertensive crisis (BP 208/125). With the medication, her blood pressure is below 125/85; she is slender and participates in sports activities. After two health coaching sessions, the beta-blocker dosage was reduced by half, and her blood pressure remained stable. After the third "Health Coaching" session, the dosage was reduced to one quarter, and will be tapered off completely in the near future.

  • Neurodermatitis

    Uta, Alternative Practitioner

    A client has been suffering for 35 years from neurodermatitis that spreads in episodes, above all on her arms. She somehow felt better after the very 1st "Health Coaching". However, she was unable to describe precisely what was different, but the rashes were not as so pronounced. After the second "Health Coaching" the client felt very good. To this day, the rashes have disappeared completely. What's more, she returned home with some new perceptions about herself. During the "Health Coaching" it became clear to her that she had to change certain things in her life.

  • Back pains / Food intolerance

    Back pains / Food intolerance

    Margret, Alternative Practitioner

    The clients in my practice are amazed by Health Coaching. For example, they reported one week later that they pay more attention to themselves and how they treat people in their surroundings. My clients noticed a great improvement in their complaints such as back pains and intolerances to foods.

  • Knee pains

    Uta, Alternative Practitioner

    A client complained of knee pains that she had been suffering for the past two years. These appeared two years after moving home and up to now she has been unable to make either rhyme or reason of them. After the first Health Coaching the discomfort was much less, but still returned in certain situations. After two further Health Coaching sessions the client felt better again and the troubles have disappeared.