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Psychische Beschwerden

Field report

Psychogocial complaints

"Health Coaching by Health World®" helps when nothing helps!

Reports about psychic troubles

Reports of physicians, alternative practitioners, and clients.

  • 13 years of cluster headaches

    13 years of cluster headaches

    Dr. Frank K., General Practitioner

    I had been suffering form severe cluster headaches for 13 years that had been triggered by a high stress load during work at a hospital. I have suffered no headache attack since the 1st Health Coaching. After my flight to attend the seminar I even had to rest for two hours in my hotel because of my headache. A fantastic method! Thank you.

  • Burnout, aggression

    Burnout, aggression

    Dr. med. Michael S., Specialist in General Practice

    "During my training as a Health Coach I got to know a method that allows you to identify the causes and relationships of illnesses and to remove blockades associated with these. The method impresses with its simplicity and convincing efficiency which is based, amongst others, on the fact that a coach is with ethe client who knows the inner resistance and helps to eliminate it in close cooperation with the client. In this way, complete networks of causes can usually be identified, as my previous experience has shown, e.g. with burnout.
    Once such blockades have been removed, the client immediately feels better and more relaxed."

  • Statement


    Bettina, Alternative Practitioner

    "I was fascinated to realize during a Health Coach session that my client, assisted by me as his Health Coach  , was able to recognize and resolve the situations in his life which had caused his illness and problems. I am pleased to apply the Health Coaching method which can be used without any instruments, devices or particular surroundings at almost any time. Nothing but the client himself is needed for this method application! Thanks!“

  • Frontal headache

    Frontal headache

    Gisela, Alternative Practitioner

    Physically, a lot happened in the 2nd health coaching session as well. At the beginning I had severe frontal headaches, which completely disappeared half an hour AFTER the coaching session and which have not reoccurred ever since.... I also found it very exciting to recognize how my negative beliefs, which are otherwise unconscious on my part, influence my feelings, reactions and decisions. Thanks to the awareness gained and the resolving during the health coaching sessions, I am no longer defenseless against them.

  • Statement

    Karin T., Specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics

    "I am a rather reserved person with regard to my inner feelings. I prefer dealinh with emotional distress or negative events on my own. Don't accept any help whatever you do! But when I was coached during the training, I experienced and understood what was still "left undone" in my inner life. During a few Health Coaching sessions I was able to identify these problems by myself and solve them mentally. This was a very positive experience for me."

  • Stress, hospital trauma, headaches

    Stress, hospital trauma, headaches

    Corinna, Alternative Practioner

    A colleague who I coached in the seminar told me the following day that her problems, such as stress, hospital trauma and headaches had disappeared and that she felt exceptionally good.

  • Burnout/Weakness

    Gabriele, Alternative Practioner

    My client in the seminar quickly got to the bottom of the mental causes of his weakness. He experienced this so deeply that liberating tears flowed as an expression of his relief. After that he felt really good!

  • Alcoholism


    Britta, Alternative Practitioner

    My client is in her mid-forties and an alcoholic: a Health Coaching was held once a week to accompany the alcohol detoxification. The client was for the first time able to address the causes of her alcohol consumption and her addictive behaviour on the whole through the coaching, including in her relationship to her partner. The sessions thus brought her an increasing understanding of her body's signals, such as palpitations, acute headaches, angst symptoms, etc. and helped her to interpret these. After 3 sessions she was happy to report that she felt much more balanced and had a lot more energy since having learned that she can make a positive change to her life. She has done without alcohol for the past 2 weeks, carried out relaxation exercises on a regular basis and is steadfastly pressing ahead with the recommended flanking measures.

  • Feeling easy and full of power

    Feeling easy and full of power

    Gisela, Alternative Practitioner

    “To my surprise I could rapidly and deeply get to my inner problems including all related emotions during the Health Coaching. Moreover, I am astonished to learn during the Health Coaching sessions that my negative feelings and memories seem to be stored in various parts of my body and here and now cause physical problems. I am totally thrilled and impressed since I experienced during the session that my physical discomfort including headache and abdominal pain disappeared. Afterwards I felt as light, in high spirits and full of energy as I had not felt for long.“

  • Depressive moods, listlessness

    Depressive moods, listlessness

    Bettina, Alternative Practitioner

    My client, 49 years old, came to me because she was suffering from depressive moods and listlessness. She did not have the energy to take life in hand herself and moreover, at the time she had been unemployed for quite some time.

    In the course of the health coaching she recognized that she had always had little support in life, e.g. from her parents. She had never been able to please anyone and she had never received any appreciation and praise, e.g. from her boss. On the contrary, even though she had done a good examination, it was not enough. She felt she was being mobbed and excluded. In her marriage there were also stressful problems. My client realized that she was doing far too little for herself.

    After the 1st health coaching my client felt exhausted and had to rest. After that she was very well. In a group discussion (job interview) she was able to make a good impression for the first time. She got a new job, albeit small (EUR400) which was not her first choice job, but after such a long time of being ill and unemployed it did her a lot of good.

    After the 2nd  health coaching in which it was possible to resolve a lot of pent-up anger, a new type of serenity and calmness returned to my client.

    After the 3rd and final health coaching she had recovered and was full of energy and zest for action. She began to socialize again and found a new and better paid job which she enjoys and which, to her own surprise and for the first time in her life, she likes going to every day in an easy-going manner and without fear.

  • Depression/Migraine


    Katja, Alternative Practitioner

    My client, 43 years, came to the surgery and was dissatisfied and depressed. She was constantly fighting with her husband and taking out her anger on her children. She felt very restricted in her life and thought that she had no freedom left for herself. She actually wanted to return to Iran, her country of origin, as fast as possible and separate from her husband. In the course of the five coaching sessions a lot of things changed.

    After an influenza-type of cleansing reaction after the fourth session, there was a break-through. The patient was suddenly physically and mentally very well. She had much more energy. The depressive mood is over, the client lost some weight and has decided to take some freedom for herself independently of her husband and this does her a lot of good.

    She wants to start her own business, but does not want to be put under pressure by the job until January. In this, she now trusts her inner voice. She may still return to her home country Iran, but she realizes that it is OK in Germany and that she does not want to return to Iran as part of a hasty decision.

    There has been a considerable change in the relationship with her husband. Whereas there was only fighting in the marriage in the past years, affection and respect are now present again. The client now longs to embrace her husband again. During the holidays in fall she will travel to Iran to attend a wedding without her husband or her children. Quite unexpectedly, her husband is supporting her in her plans and even suggesting she should take a longer vacation. This had so far never happened before. Moreover, her migraine has disappeared since the last health coaching.

  • Burn out during studies

    Patrick, Alternative Practitioner

    My client has been suffering from mental exhaustion and the pressure of exams in her studies for some time now. She couldn't follow the lecturer in lectures. She reported on a lack of energy, insomnia and exam nerves. Since the client's work is otherwise self-assured, reliable and goal-oriented, one has to reckon with further health disturbances. The cause could quickly be found through Health Coaching. The client detected and improvement after the very first Health Coaching. Following further Health Coaching sessions the problems had disappeared and the client completed two internships in the semester break and received a good report.

  • Insecurity

    Gabriele, Alternative Practitioner

    A client in the seminar suffered from 'insecurity. The causes of this became very clear in the further course of the Health Coaching and could be dealt with. The following day she reported that the Coaching 'really did her good'.