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Health Coaching by Health World

Health Coaching by Health World®

The new method - treating the causes of illness

Free training for doctors, alternative practitioners and people from other helping professions who work for our Health World Institute.

Training course for "Health Coach by Health World®”

>By means of the training course and further training to become a "Health Coach by Health World“ you will have an extremely effective basic method at your disposal for recognizing and resolving the true issues of physical and mental complaints in case of chronically ill and non-treatable, self-paying clients, where all known therapy types of conventional and alternative medicine applied so far have failed.

Target group for our trainings

Our Health Coaching method was developed the last 15 years and was approved by physicians and alternative practitioners over the last 3 years.

With the "Health Coaching by Health World®“ you - as a physician, alternative practitioner or other helping professions - have an ideal instrument at your disposal to convince self-paying persons, persons with higher income and employees who either cannot afford or do not want to stay away from work for a longer time due to illness to become a client in your surgery. In addition to conventional and alternative medicine, you are able to extend the service range in your surgery by offering a third new alternative to your patients that has proven to be particularly effective. According to a study it meets the demand of 70% of the population who require a gentle and natural medicine.

Target group of our Coaching

According to different studies, 40% to 50% of persons in Germany and in western countries are chronically ill. There is an enormous demand for "health"; a huge target group searches for new and more effective methods and is prepared to pay for it out of its own pockets, if the success of these methods is guaranteed to it.

New chances for health service providers

A constantly growing market develops since psychic, psycho-somatic and stress-induced illnesses considerably increased in the last few years and will continue to do so.

 At the same time non-medical practitioners with own surgeries have the chance to establish a second string to their bow with clients who pay out of our their own pockets. The readiness and target of working with a method which will cure people in the long run is a pre-requisite for the financial success of your surgery by means of the Health coaching. Experience shows that clients will not be prepared to pay out of their own pockets unless they are indeed cured.

According to the experiences gathered during the past three years you can benefit from a new clientèle (self-payers, higher earners and employees) in your surgery within a short time thanks to the "Health Coaching by Health World®“. With the help of our very successful personalized advertising flyer which is free of charge to you, the business card for your surgery as well as the new clients you can establish a second string to your bow within only three months.

Knowledge networking with and via HEALTH WORLD

Knowledge networking via Health World for all trained health coaches, the regular further training and free supervision set a new standard in the training and further training. Its aims at continually teaching the new integrated health concept of Health World to the health coach and making use of his experiences. In addition to the health coach's further development, the overall common goal of making people permanently healthy is pursued.

The health coach as a health manager

As a health coach you will not only execute the work of a health manager accompanying the client during the complete healing process, but additionally carry out health coachings and know the meaningful additional therapies which the client requires in the healing phase of his illness.

Which prerequisites are required to become a "Health Coach by Health World®“?

  • You are a doctor or alternative practitioner with your own surgery and you aim at helping people to permanently remain healthy.
  • You are interested in a method which recognizes and resolves the causes of illnesses.
  • Since you dispose of competence, knowledge and experience in dealing with clients, you can be trained effectively and efficiently within a short time to become a health coach.
  • You are prepared to practice and experience the method of health coaching and its efficiency by applying it to your own complaints during your training.
  • You are prepared to cooperate with Health World as a freelancer and to regularly submit field reports which document the efficiency of our method.
  • Within the regular training you are prepared to attend five health coachings per year for your personal development or in order to permanently settle your own complaints.

Your investment in the training

You have to pay EUR2,990 plus the statutory sales tax for the distance training by telephone. It takes 10 weeks including a 1-hour individual training per week and an additional 15-hour practical traineeship during which you can apply the method of health coaching to clients under our head coach's supervision. After the training the supervision is free of charge for all Health Coaches. Instalment payments are acceptable. For further information please refer to our training brochure which we will be pleased to send to you after a personal introduction to our head coach via telephone.

The distance training via telephone features has the following advantages:

  • It is an individual training customized to the requirements of each trainee, which is a service that can only be provided by elaborate individual training.
  • According to experiences, it prevents disturbing dynamic processes (often occurs in groups), in which the personal resistance of individual participants prevents a rapid learning process of the group.
  • You can easily integrate the distance training into your workweek since you are only trained for one hour per week and you don't have to make too many other appointments. Thus you can be trained without losing a lot of working time and at any place wherever you may be.
  • As a trainee you will realize that health coachings via telephone are as effective as on-premise health coachings. As a health coach you are able to coach people and to help them irrespective of their location (they may be e.g. on vacation, on a business trip, in the office or at home), if they are unable to come to your office for whatever reason.
  • Health World can train people regardless of where and in which country they are located which is of great advantage and corresponds to the requirements of the Internet era that grants access to knowledge and information without local or state restrictions in all places.

In future, Health World will regularly organize health congresses and workshops where personal meetings will be possible and desired.

Information and contact

If you are interested in ordering our training brochure, you may send us an email to (or use our contact form) including all surgery data and your availability on telephone landline / mobile for the first introductory telephone call. We recommend an early registration and reservation of desired appointments since the monthly training places are limited.
We would be very pleased to welcome you in the "Health World Institute” as a health coach.